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Laramie started speech in August, 2016.  Her brother Greyson had just graduated from Scottish Rite Speech Therapy and she took his spot.  I hadn't noticed anything wrong but the speech therapist had noticed and knew she could get Laramie talking correctly before she started Kindergarten.


What amazes me the most with these ladies is how patient they are and how they can keep trying new teaching techniques until they find the one that works with that student.  Because her therapist Martha retired, Laramie had to switch speech teachers at about 6 months into therapy and I won't lie, it was hard.  But both teacher and student continued to work hard and in June, 2018 Laramie graduated.  She continues to improve and it is hard to remember her speech problems.

I am so grateful to the staff for all they do.  I know my kids received amazing gifts from their teachers.  They can talk and are understood. The gift of speech is a gift that never stops giving.  Thank you so much for what you have done for my kids and my family!



Laura-Dawn Moog

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