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My son started speech therapy when he was three.  We had a bad experience with a prior speech pathologist at another clinic, so we were a little nervous at our first appointment.  However, we were blessed to be placed with Julie Borgreen.  Chase instantly felt comfortable with her and so did I.  He had HUGE leaps in progress in the two years of sessions with Julie.  He trusted her and always worked hard.  She knew just what to do with him.  I learned a lot from her as well.  She gave me lots of exercises to practice at home and always had great advice.  Chase and I always looked forward to our sessions.  Julie became a household name, like a part of our family.  I have told many people about Julie and the Scottish Rite Language Clinic and how much it has helped Chase.  Had we not started speech with him at an early age I feel he would not have the skills that he has now.  Early intervention is a must!  Consistency is also important.  It takes a special person to connect with children and to earn their trust as Julie did with Chase.  He would get so excited for his sessions that he actually ran ahead of me and would happily run to Julie.  When Chase first started he could only say about 20 words.  By the time he was done his vocabulary had expanded to about 300+ and saying full sentences!  He’s still hard to understand at times ut he has made huge progress. Chase is 5 now and we are so thankful for the services we received from the Scottish Rite and owe so much to the hard work of Julie.  Thank you!

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