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When Greyson was in Preschool (age 5) he was very hard to understand. We had noticed this earlier but hoped he would grow out of it. During his parent/teacher conference it was brought up as a huge concern.  The teacher could not understand what he was trying to say.  It was recommended that he start speech therapy.  Our insurance wouldn’t cover it and we attend a private school without speech therapy services so I contacted the Scottish Rite Language Clinic.  The evaluation process was very interesting since it pointed out all the sounds Greyson couldn’t say.  We started in February with Ms. Martha Reeves.  She knew Greyson was on the older side but also knew if he went to school without fixing his speech he would have a rough time.  Greyson loved speech therapy.  He would wonder what new sound he was going to learn and what game he would play.  He had one goal – that when he started Kindergarten he could say his name.

Many times I would have to bring along his siblings, both older and younger.  It is a safe place and I love having a volunteer in the waiting room.  Greyson and Ms. Martha worked really hard and six months after starting speech he graduated.  Also, it was one week before he started Kindergarten.  He loves to read and talk and I give the credit to the Scottish Rite Language Clinic.

The day Greyson graduated, Ms. Martha asked me to continue at the same appointment time with my daughter Laramie; three years old at the time. Since Laramie had attended most speech sessions it had been noticed that she had a speech problem also.  Laramie works so hard in speech.  She also works hard at home so she can show off her new skills.  She looks forward to speech each week.  She has been doing this time slot since she was 2 ½ with her brother and now is 4 and she still loves going.

It amazes me listening to Greyson read.  When we first started speech he couldn’t say g, r, th, z, c and so many more.  Now he can say all of his sounds and tell people what his name is and they understand.  He is proud of himself and will tell anyone who asks that he went to the Scottish Rite and says, “and you should too if you need help!”

We had just moved to Great Falls and I didn’t know where to go.  I had heard stories about kids being in speech for years without much change.  I am so thankful for the Scottish Rite. My proof of what an amazing place it is lies in my children.  I am just so grateful.

P.S. Laramie should graduate soon after less than eighteen months of attending sessions.

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