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Happy Parent

Our daughter has been receiving services from the Scottish Rite now for almost one year.  Words cannot express how much of a blessing Scottish Rite has been for our daughter.  My husband and I noticed around the age of two that our daughter struggled with her words and communication with others.  By age three, I knew we needed to get her help when she was trying to communicate to me and getting frustrated that I could not understand her.  She looked at me and stated, “Mommy, my mouth does not work!”  It just broke my heart and I started to cry, because my daughter understood something was wrong.  My husband and I feared this would break her spirit and make her mute.  We moved to Great Falls from Miles City not long after that.  Our two older boys were attending Sacajawea Elementary School we found out that the school was having a pre-school screening.  My husband and I took our daughter to the screening to have them test and evaluate her speech.  Even though we knew what the results were going to be, it still was hard for us to hear our daughter was delayed in her speech.  Of course as her mom, I started blaming myself and felt like I had let my daughter down somehow, which now I know is not true. 

The speech pathologist at Sacajawea referred us to the Scottish Rite Language Clinic.  Again, I cannot express how grateful we are for the Scottish Rite.  I cry as I write this letter.  In just one year my daughter has accomplished so much!  I think she has even surprised her teachers on how far she has come!  Now my daughter loves to speak and communicate with others, and she can be understood.  She loves meeting with Miss Gwen every Thursday and cannot wait for what her next assignment and home work will be for the next week.  With my daughters improvement in her speech she now has more of a passion for learning and is confident!  Thank you Scottish Rite!

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