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I came to the Clinic when Carter was 16 months old.  He was speaking very little and I was worried something was wrong. He wasn’t saying Mommy or Daddy and at his age I expected at least those two words.  I was surprised that I did get in for an appointment considering Carter’s age.  I thought I was going to hear ‘Come back when he’s a little older; then we can assess’, but no, we got in right away with understanding and encouragement.  Martha, who did Carter’s evaluation, told me I had a very bright baby and that he wants to talk; there is just a wall that needs to be broken down.  She observed Carter and gave us her recommendations.  We go on the waiting list and I was surprised that within a short time I was called.  I was so excited to work with the Scottish Rite to get my boy communicating.  We started seeing Ms. Gwen and she started working so well with Carter right off the bat, giving us ideas and signs to do with him.  She is such a blessing; her ideas and tools are a complete lifesaver in our home.  Carter has learned and will continue to learn and thrive with Ms. Gwen’s help.  He is communicating so much more with less frustration and he tries so hard to mimic what we say to him, just like in the sessions with Ms. Gwen.  She sees improvement and after their time together he seems to be one step closer to being our chatter box.  I am so grateful to the Scottish Rite for helping me with my son.  Their love and encouragement is so amazing.  They have helped me with not only his speech but when I thought he had some feeding issues I was called in for an evaluation and was given some great ideas and encouragement with that.  I think this is a great program and I’m so grateful we have it in our town.  I know with continuing help and support my son will be ready for preschool with the talking and communication he will need to succeed.

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