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Get Involved by Becoming a Volunteer!

Our volunteers have provided over 23,000 hours since our clinic opened. We would not be able to run our clinic efficiently without the help of our dedicated volunteers. Some of our lovely volunteers have dedicated over 1000 hours of their personal time over the years! Please consider becoming part of our team and make a difference in the life of a child! 

What will I be doing?

In the waiting room, our volunteers answer phone calls, take messages and work the intercom system to let people into the building. Occasionally they are asked to watch siblings of students who are in therapy. 


Do I need special skills?

We ask that our volunteers enjoy being around children and have adequate hearing to be able to answer the phone and work the intercom system. No computer skills are necessary. There is a one page summary of the Volunteer Duties that will be explained the first day of volunteering and one of the clinicians will always be available if any questions arise.

What time-slots are available?

Volunteers work for one half-day per week either in the morning from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM or in the afternoon from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Can I volunteer sporadically since I frequently travel?

Yes! We have a pool of substitute volunteers should a regular weekly volunteer be be unavailable for their upcoming shift.  We are always looking for subs to work on an as-needed basis.

Do you have any positions available?

Currently we have a substitute position available.  When our permanent volunteers are unavailable for their regular weekly shift we call on our substitutes to fill in.  Subbing is extremely flexible and is a good fit for a frequent traveler or a person who can't commit to a weekly assignment. Please call the office if you're interested in becoming a substitute volunteer.

Are there any special perks for volunteering?

Yes, we're glad you asked! The Clinic Board members serve a yearly luncheon to honor our current and past volunteers and you will be invited! RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) also serves a yearly luncheon honoring volunteers around Great Falls.  While membership in the RSVP is not required we encourage you to do so because RSVP offers insurance, free of charge, which covers your travel from home to the clinic and back. The biggest perks of volunteering are the heart-warming smiles and hugs you receive while volunteering!


I'm interested in becoming a volunteer!

Please contact Wendy Tedford, Volunteer Coordinator, at 406-452-2063 or 406-590-7342.

Volunteer Luncheon -  September 10, 2018

Volunteer lunch group 2018.jpg

Front: Carolyn Schmidt, Cathy Powell, Kathy Austin, Linda Valentine, Audrey Rutherford, Marion McRae, Carol Miller, JoAnn Gold.

Back: Sally Smith –Speech-Language Pathologist, Julie Borgreen – Speech-Language Pathologist, Susan Sanford – Speech-Language Pathologist, Karen Rowland, LeAnn Budeski, Beverly Mathis, Diane Boley, Christy Gordon, Charlene Suckow, Kim Evans, Lori Walker, Molly Beck – Speech-Language Pathologist/Clinic Director, Jane Snowberger, Laurell Hodges – Speech-Language Pathologist

Volunteer Luncheon 2017

Front: Charlene Suckow, Diane Boley, Gay Quenemoen, Jane Snowberger, Audrey Rutherford, Virginia Piatt, Carolyn Schmidt, Linda Valentine

Back: Laurell Hodges – Speech-Language Pathologist, Martha Reeves – Speech-Language Pathologist, Carol Sue Lukes, LeAnn Budeski, JoAnn gold, Susan Sanford – Speech-Language Pathologist, Julie Fabrega, Kim Evans, Mari Svari, Carol Miller, Kathy Austin, Cathy Powell, Julie Borgreen – Speech-Language Pathologist, Molly Beck – Speech-Language Pathologist, Gwen Nowak – Speech-Language Pathologist

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